BROWSERS: These were built around THIS though it should work about 98% as well in Internet Explorer. What you have here are downloads of the various and sundry Space Patrol applications. This all started because I found the Windows Calculator keyboard unreadable in some places so I, wnating a decent scientific calculator, set about to find such on the internet. I found more than I could deal with in one afternoon. Having evaluated and chosen what I wanted. I then went, as my guitar instructor used to say, "mad with power". and then said. "Hey, I can go the next step up and really make the 1970's scientific (actually slide rule) calculator come into it's own by adding subroutines. Found those and just did some Systems Analyisis and Design and there you have it. then I really went to town and just did some adapting and we got the Space Patrol
SPACE-O-CALC: Accept no substitutes! A FINAL NOTE: Effective 1 January 2009. Unavoidably rescheduled to 12 Feb due to tehcnical difficulties. Now done.
Then came the
SPACE PATROL POWER CONSOLE: your ultimate FireFox homepage.Differences
and a SERVICE DEPARTMENT README. Everything here is customizable and made to be easily fixed, updated or upgraded, usually just copy/paste or File/Save page as to a folder on your hard disk or copy a zip and open it to a folder or folders on your hard disk. You also have the option of just re-downloading the whole unit if you do not wish to be bothered with replacing a part or adding a new part or are not comfortable with doing that. They are always up-to-date. However, you would still need to unzip and paste them into place using "yes to all" or its like. No real gain since the new or fixed parts will automatically seat themselves and if it's a multi-part item, it still needs to be unzipped.
and here we are
NOT SPACE PATROL ITEMS: But worth getting and you can compare them to our stuff, for which we pride ourselves. How many calculators have proportion or coversion calculators that include Rankine Temperature? I revieved a compliment for the display of the Space-O-Calc from a computer pro with whom I go back to the TRS-80 Model I Level I and II.BASIC as well as the site ("It's pretty good for a hand-coded job")

Since I have all my major toys here, I might as well put in the ROCKET CITY SPACE PORT